SaverSystems ChimneySaver Products

SaverSystem products are developed and manufactured in the USA and offer a range of fireplace and chimney cleaning and protection products within the ChimneySaver range. 

Eldfast Ltd are the UK and European importers for the ChimneySaver range distributing to the Chimney Sweeping community and with some products direct to end users.

We also offer application services for most of the product range within a large area of the UK or can point you to more local engineers who purchase the product range. 

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CreAway Pro

CreAway is a heat activated powder that modifies creosote and tar in chimneys to make it easier to sweep out.

As recommended by Sweeps. 

Paint "N" Peel

Paint "N" Peel is a paint on product that draws dirt and grime from your stone surfaces. After 12-24 hours drying time simply peel off to reveal your revitalised fireplace or hearth. 

Crown Coat

Crown Coat protects the top of your chimney known as "the crown". A protective flexible coating is applied stopping water ingress and erosion from the elements.


PCR or Poultice Creosote Remover is a heavy duty creosote remover. After application simply allow 24-48 hours for the product to take effect. 

Water Repellent

This water repellent offers a breathable barrier to protect stone and brickwork from the elements. Perfect for chimney stacks to extend their life span.


The 16oz bottles of CreAway offer a preventative powder to help prevent the buildup of tar or creosote within the chimney after cleaning. 


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