CreAway Creosote and Tar Modifier

If you have an issue with tar and creosote within your chimney sometimes even a professional chimney sweep can struggle to remove it.


The glazed surface or thick oily residue can make even power sweeping inadequate. 

CreAway creosote modifier offers a solution that can by applied by your chimney sweep or Eldfast Ltd to break down the tar and creosote so that it can be removed. 


Creosote can cause long term damage if left in the chimney:

  • Causing acid erosion of the lime mortar and reducing structural integrity leading to leakage.

  • Closing down the chimney reducing the performance.

  • Increases the chance of a chimney fire that can lead to relining or costly repairs. 

Prices vary depending on the size of your chimney, access and your location, however a CreAway treatment starts at around £250+vat plus the cost of a sweep.

Once the application has been applied by a professional sweep or Eldfast Ltd simply have hot fires in your stove or fireplace for 2-3 hours per day (your sweep or engineer can advise depending on the chimney size) for 3-4 days.


This heating process creates a chemical reaction modifying the tar and creosote into a dry crystallised structure that can simply be swept out.


We would recommend you book your sweep one week after the application and having a fire for 2-3 hours per day until the day of the sweep for the best results.  

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Our 16oz bottles are suitable for use by end users as a preventative measure. A third of the strength of the Pro CreAway, simply use the squeezy bottle to apply on a regular basis to restrict ongoing creosote and tar build up.

Where a light build up of tar and creosote has been found the 16 oz bottle can provide a resolution.

£19.16+vat (plus postage)