Air & Smoke Pressure Chimney Testing.

Over time the materials in your chimney will break down due to erosion from acids, condensation and heat expansion & contraction.

Our engineers can carry our various tests to ensure there are no leaks in your chimney, ensure it works and is installed correctly and advise or quote for rectification works if required.  These can include a smoke or air pressure test along with a camera survey and report if required.

Why check your chimney?

Leaking chimneys can be ineffective and inefficient. More importantly however they can be dangerous and leak hazardous fumes into your property. Gases like carbon monoxide do not smell and although you can buy CO alarms / detectors they do not always go off especially if the batteries have not been checked.


Eldfast Ltd can give you peace of mind and ensure your chimney is functioning correctly.

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How do we test your chimney?

Our Engineers will carry out one or several of four test variants depending on your situation and access.

Smoke Flow Testing - This is the most basic test for a fire and usually carried out by the sweep or commissioning engineer. A smoke pellet is set off in the fire / appliance to ensure there is adequate draught within the chimney to take the smoke. Preheating the chimney may be required.

Spillage Test - This is used for open fires to determine whether the chimney draught is adequate for the opening size. While a calculation can be made this does not take into effect kitchen fans, extraction systems and air re-circulation systems. It is always important to ensure your fire has positive pressure within the room.

Smoke Pressure Testing - Foams are inserted into each end of the chimney while 1-2 smoke pellets are used within the chimney. Our engineers will then trace the chimney through the property while inspecting for leaks. 

Air Pressure Testing - Similar to smoke pressure testing but utilising a digital pressure analyser to ensure the chimney does not leak outside of permissible limits. 

Call our team today to book in your chimney test before you start using your fire this heating season. 

Prices range from £140+vat depending on access, location and number of chimneys.

Prices Subject to access.

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