Chimney Lining and Re-Lining

Whether you have an open fire, new wood burning stove to install or an existing wood burning stove that has been in for many years your chimney is the engine that drives it. Without a good chimney even the best stoves are rendered useless. As such making sure your open fire or stove has the right liner is imperative. Most chimney liners can also be referred to as the flue.

To ensure your installation has been signed off to building regulations and is safe to use, it is important that your installer is qualified to do so such as a Hetas registered installer. If you are installing yourself the installation should be inspected and signed off by building control.

Chimney Lining For Wood Burning & Gas Stoves

Wood burning and gas fired stoves and heaters work most effectively when installed with a stainless steel flexible liner. Although classed as a temporary lining system condensates can be channeled back to the stove to burn off, insulation can be added around the liner to make the flue system more effective, reducing condensation and making the flue more responsive.


Typically it only takes a day to install along with the stove unless alterations are required to accommodate either within the structure of the chimney and fireplace. 

Eldfast Ltd can install any stove or gas fire providing it meets current regulations, is CE marked and in good working order.

Each chimney requires an assessment prior to quotation but prices start from around £980 inc vat for lining plus your choice of stove. Speak to a member of our team for more details or email us by clicking the link here.

Chimney Lining For Open Fires

Open fires require larger chimneys than wood burning stoves due to the volume of airflow going through the fire opening. The flue size requirement loosely translates to 15% of the opening size (i.e 15% of your fireplace opening should be smaller than or match your internal chimney size).


As such Stainless steel liners and pump lined system are not ideal as they reduce the cross sectional area of the chimney. We offer a permanent lining solution with  Eldfast Ceramic Lining which surgically lines the walls of the chimney with a 4-5mm layer of fireproof and holly acid resistant layer. This not only lines the chimney but also protects it and adds structural support.

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