Chimney Camera Surveys

Eldfast Ltd specialise in solving chimney related issues and providing you with a fast and efficient service. Where necessary we can carry out a chimney camera survey and provide a full report of any blockages or damage within the chimney as well as quoting or specifying a method of rectification.

Will a camera survey tell me if my chimney is safe?

A chimney camera survey or inspection cannot categorically tell you whether your chimney is safe. You would also need the chimney to be Tested to confirm this.

What the camera survey does confirm is the internal condition of your chimney and whether there are any blockages, internal structural issues or defects. 

Can you supply an Insurance report for my Chimney?

Yes, Our engineers regularly carry out camera surveys as part of an insurance or health and safety preventative measures and a full report and link to the video is given at the end.

What will you do if a problem is found?

We have a wealth of knowledge and experience between our surveyors and engineers and we will always quote rectification works via our team of Hetas registered engineers or simply advise where required within the camera survey report. 

If we do not or cannot carry out the works ourselves we will always try to provide detailed advise on what works are required so that you can liaise with a builder e.t.c

Prices range from £250+vat depending on access, location and number of chimneys.

To get a price or to book in a camera survey give our team a call today. 


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