Eldfast Ltd manufactures, installs and trains installers in the use of Eldfast Ceramic Chimney Lining. Originally imported by Landy Vent Uk Ltd the company was split into three parts to allow better focus on the individual products. 


Eldfast Ltd was formed as part of this change in November 2018. Chimney cleaning services have also been established as part of the available Edfast services with the success of the Saver System Chimney Saver products range from the United States of America as the sole importer for the UK and Europe. 


You can find out more about the Eldfast Ceramic Lining system at www.eldfastchimneylinig.com. 


Eldfast Ltd

2 Redditch Road, Studley, Warwickshire, B80 7AX


Tel: +44 (0)1527 850513

Fax: +44 (0)1527 854101